Un piccolo serpente ci conduce attraverso le principali caratteristiche del Windows Phone 7
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Commenti provenienti dalla comunità di The Code project.



Clavius Maximus 02/03/20011

Very well written! I wish most tech books were written like this


bobvar 01/03/2011

Wow!!! You impressed me so much. Your English is excellent. At 15? I can't believe it. You must have focused so much on programming. Keep on the good job. I'm one of your fans.


Member 4497378 01/03/2011

very detailed and good use of programming concepts


MR_SAM_PIPER 01/03/2011

Wow. This would be an excellent article if written by a professional programmer with several years of commercial experience, but the fact that it's written by a 15-year old is, well, kinda scary!
You have a surprisingly mature grasp of software development techniques that is no less than prodigious for someone your age. I mean, you've rolled your own IoC CONTAINER!
Your communication skills are excellent too, and can only improve - if this is the state-of-play amongst the youngest generation of programmers, then us old-timers should be quaking in our boots.
The other great thing about the article is that it yields a fully-featured, neat little game that people will want to play first then deconstruct to see how it works.
I'm sure you have a very bright future ahead of you - just don't get distracted by girls and booze!


Meshack Musundi 09/02/2011

What an extensive and detailed article. Marco is truly gifted. I can't help thinking that he may write a book in future.


thatraja 08/02/2011

Already we guess about this dude(when we seen this article on it's 1st day), any way advanced congrats from me now. Keep continue, Cheers


Sacha Barber 08/02/2011

I also think this will win best c# and overall for January too. Well done.


Abhijit Jana 23/01/2011

Very God Job My Friend ! Keep it up and all the best for your future !!!


govind2007 23/01/2011

Great one. I can't imagine that a 15 year old boy can do this thing. Shame on me to be a Developer. I must have to learn from you. Good job my little friend. Wish you a great career.


Buu Nguyen 016/01/2011

I'm new to WP7. Learned a lot from your article. Thank you, Marco.


imgen 15/01/2011

Man, you are a genius. You can write such beautiful code at such a young age which embarrasses me a lot cause I'm 29 now and I can't even write code that is half as good as your code. Anyway, no words. Just keep up the good work.


Wimmo 13/01/2011

stunning article, very clearly documented.
My interest for wm 7 is getting bigger and bigger!
Keep it up


vytheese 09/01/2011

Ciao, It's Solid. Holding many concept in one long(very long) article.


The Manoj Kumar 07/01/2011

Sir - Your article choice, explanation and details are awesome. Keep up writing such inspiring articles.

All great programmers started at an early age. If someone can teach me something then I can freely call him sir. You have written such a brilliant article so I feel you deserve it. Keep rocking.


theingiwin 06/01/2011

Great Job! brother but i can't sufficient intelligent to understandably . Your program is really good Carry On! Your are very intelligent


chaitanya venneti 06/01/2011

Very detailed and informative. Thanks Marco for the great article. Keep up the good work.


Georg Begerow 05/01/2011

Excellent and informative article. Would have voted 5 anyway without any age bonus but considering it is your first article I should have voted 6 One small tip only for future article try to use shorter sentences.


Psycho-*Coder*-Extreme 04/01/2011

Wow is the only word I can use to describe this article. You have definitely got a great future in software development in your future, excellent work and always drive towards your passions no matter what


Daniel Vaughan 04/01/2011

Hi Marco,
What an excellent article!
Well done for creating your own IoC container. I wanted to mention that it's the underlying compact framework, and the absence of Reflection.Emit that makes all the main stream IoC containers incompatible with the phone.


teichgraf 04/01/2011

I'd have actually voted 6!
Very good article most older people can learn from.
Keep up your good work. But also don't forget that there's also a live beside your computer


defwebserver 04/01/2011

Excellent work


Luc Pattyn 04/01/2011



Nuri Ismail 03/01/2011

Fantastic job!
Your article is very detailed and clearly written. And the application is neat.

Thanks for the great contribution Marco.
Keep up the good work.


Kasson 03/01/2011

I salute you caro. At this age it's a great achievement.
Great work and Excellent article.I appreciate your hard work.
Thanks for sharing it too.
Keep going.
Let this year brings you lot of success.


RaviRanjankr 03/01/2011

Great work,Nice Application and Excellent article.
I appreciate your hard work.
thanks for share it.


Hiren Solanki 03/01/2011

You did a great work man,
It was your first article in CP and you joined it very recently.
I hope you will be nominated in a article award competition race with Sacha and Marcelo and many other good author. Welcome to CP and keep up your good work Man.

I can't believe man that at this age you could write this much what experienced people also can't, Seriously.
You are on the way to bill gates my friend, AFAIK He's just started at the age 13


Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira 03/01/2011

I usually don't congratulate people for their intelligence, but for their hard work. But obviously you're a gifted young man, and that's so good that you're humble too.
Your article is capolavoro, my friend, and it seems that it's me who have to learn from your work


Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira 03/01/2011

Your article is awesome not only for your age, but for any age. I'm sure others agree with me


Kunal_Chowdhury 03/01/2011

Yes, his work is great here. As a 15 years old, I did never know about Computer. At an early stage, this type of work really appreciable.


Marcus Kramer 02/01/2011

Extremely in depth. There are certainly a few points of interest in the code that show a very natural understanding of how source code and the computer actually work together. Very well done


Sacha Barber 02/01/2011

This article of yours is ace. I am no good at all the maths stuff, spent to long at school, well not being at school and messing around on the beach


Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira 02/01/2011

Beautiful article and application, Marco and Icaro.
Marco, looks like you're getting a very promising carreer, whether it is game development or not.
I hope we see more articles from you soon!

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